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Chuquai Billy is a Native American comedian from the Lakota Sioux/Choctaw Nations, originally from Gallup, New Mexico, now based in London, UK.

His material is friendly, funny and historically correct with observations on life on native reservations, life in different American and European cities along with current affairs.

“Counting Coup on the British One Laugh at a Time

“He has his own brand of Native stand up comedy that he has brought over to the United Kingdom. He is gaining popularity at clubs around London and doesn't show signs of slowing down…” –Associated Content

British humour goes Native
The Independent
May 2009

Origins Festival of
First Nations Show 2011

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'...provoked genuine belly laughs. Chuquai was insightful, poignant and funny...' - Three Weeks

'...He makes the audience laugh and think, and what more could you ask for?
- Broadway Baby

“…was very funny, I did like him, he made me laugh and I hope to see more from him in the future.” – Remote Goat

Chuquai has appeared at:

Soho Theatre - London 2009
The Odd Squad - Edinburgh Fringe 2008
An American Redwolf in London - Edinburgh Fringe 2009

Americana Festival - Nottingham
Arthur Smiths Cut Rate Comedy at Hackney Empire

The Comedy Store UK & Hollywood, USA
Lions Den Gong Show winner March 2007
Brighton Fringe
Comedy Café- Amsterdam, NL
Downstairs at Kings Head Comedy

Mr Hyde in Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde - Woodhouse Players Pantomime 2005
The Lion Fish in The Little Mermaid - Woodhouse Players Pantomine 2007
Booga Booga - Pantomime 2003




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